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02-Sep-2017 00:35

Ivideon is a webcam surveillance solution that’s designed for both homes and businesses.The business version is obviously more powerful with greater features, but that doesn’t mean the home version is wimpy! Simply install the Ivideon Server software on a computer with webcams.Although you’ll miss out on some nifty features like cloud storage integration, don’t think of it as barebones. Download: Conta Cam (Windows)Blue Iris is our recommended software of choice for home surveillance.

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Ivideon Server runs in the background and controls all of the webcams, which you can view using Ivideon’s web interface or one of Ivideon’s mobile apps. Download: Ivideon (Windows, Mac, Linux)Zone Minder is a complete surveillance solution for Linux systems that’s able to monitor, record, and analyze home cameras of all types.

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