Validating emotion regulation

30-Dec-2017 10:40

They reported feeling judged and corrected when the traditional cognitive-behavioral techniques were utilized. She stepped back and started developing a more effective type of treatment for these patients and, thus, DBT was born.At the core of DBT is the understanding of emotional dysregulation. Linehan as “…pervasive dysfunction in the emotional regulation system” (Miller, Rathus, & Linehan, 2007).The teen may not like the end result but, when validation occurs, he or she is more likely to feel heard, understood and respected.The school counselor can validate a student by helping him feel that, while his emotional outburst during class was consistent with how he was feeling at the time, there are more effective ways of getting your needs met.Emotional dysregulation causes emotional reactivity and can lead to depression, anxiety, irritability, difficulty managing anger and interpersonal difficulties.While the vulnerability to dysregulation is not entirely clear, the cause may be biological such as genetic or prenatal factors or environmental such as early trauma.Validation is NOT the same as agreement, nor does it imply satisfaction or liking.For example, a parent may say, “I hear you and understand that you want to go out with Joe Friday night.

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The person’s feelings are reflected back as a way to convey understanding.

While emotional dysregulation is more common among females, males can exhibit these characteristics as well.

Emotional dysregulation occurs among patients of all ages and with a wide variety of psychiatric disorders but is most commonly seen in patients diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder.

However, after staying out past curfew last weekend I do not think going out this weekend is a good idea.” In doing so, we use coaching techniques of honoring how the person is feeling while also respecting their goals.

Validation is the opposite of cheerleading, which would entail dismissing the person’s intensely emotional reaction by telling her (or him) that the situation is not so dire and there is room for optimism.

The ERQ has two subscales measuring an individual’s use of cognitive reappraisal and expressive suppression as emotion regulation strategies.

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