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18-Sep-2017 14:04

Maybe they will even end up making deep, grasp-your-soul techno and make-you-cry ambient (again) some time.

But right now they're just having fun, and producing some truly unique material doing so.

Techno appear as a Tall and fit young woman, wearing gray green trousers with light gray double lines on the side, gray sandal and gray waterproof sock, and short green and gray hoodie and a Light Gray with Green highleg competition swimsuit as her underwear.

She latter wear light blue jacket, blue jeans a new light blue competition swimsuit.

Like finely tuned mechanisms programmed to seamlessly bend, twist and twirl, the contortionists' bodies taken on positions that may not be innately appealing.

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But what made it even sweeter, was this time these talented and gorgeous athletes were exclusively wearing our debut swimwear and activewear line.Tekuno 'Techno' Lime is what you can say outgoing girl, open to anyone that love her as she seek love in any from. This could make come out as a slut or obsessed when it come to it.This is do to her Hypersexuality, that can make her seem Excitable.Eat Static made most of this track "from scratch", and did not sample some old bossanova / easy listening record like you'd think.. I only have the vinyl version of this record; a special edition with 5 records, which I got cheap in Amsterdam because someone had taken it back to the shop (! In other words; not everyone love Eat Static's constant flirting with almost every music style available.

But they're among the best techno musicians out there; trust them to do their stuff.

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