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It may be aaked, en the prindplea af Goguat, hnw these fpw fnmilies retained their civiliration, and became not savages Like the rest ; as, accord- ing to him they were placed in the same calam- iftona state with attthi Mat; fsr heafiraie that all without exception were at the building of this tower, and niu*t therefore h.'ivc share«i the same fate ? nsme pffwu In cir- j bnll-Hrii^' of t Mm tower, b MDnie tyagm In pciecueiy aimiiar.

Althntijjh it be now impowdble to trace up all lani^u-u^es to one common root, or primitive tongue. Lp Lf,& of tracing them to one common origin, that nn more di.sprovp« s ho My, that all mankind* hut n hiw faniilier^ excepted, led the life of savages and barbarians ; that their state waa exactly that of the Cydope or on»«ycd giantoof Uawr?

We are told, that Noah, Rtrcr he descended from tiia moontaia on whiob the ark hecaase an \ The Armenians hare a tradition, that this vin^ yard waa in the spot where now the oity of Krivan stands, twelve kagnca NNE.

Of the breeding of Cattle, 11 fectlon of Architecture, ib. What of antediluvian adenee and art Ns A possessed, he would oommnnicate to his im- mediate deaoendante, in the povtdiiuvian work L W«ta Mi«rik«BMilpiia«flwl thai aowli Htf.e of sg- rindt ON^ of architecture, and vintage, (perliapa) was preserred.

It does not follow, that beoansc the a Btedllavia«R grew exceedingly wickod» tbcrelere, they aiihsr and the invention of particular arts, su Adently attest their eivilrxati MU From their ^reat l Htir, oa the supposition that tiae populatieti ul the anted** WMtly grealor than a Aar the Digitized by Google PREMMINAKY DISSERTATION.

of Ans U, It is thus sufficiently clew, tmm the Mosaic arcoitnt of the antediluvians, that they were not savages, wandoing wild in the wooda and to civilization by their own unassivted ed Korta.

Purple, 67 amongst the ancients fur abounding with Sect IX. It would seem af W their first migration from the virinity of Ararat, and findinij^ Shinar to be a large, fruitful, and expanded plain, watered by two aa Tiga Ua mnmm, ti Mjr ^Klg OMA to nala t U» thiir pemoanent abode : and the city and lofty tower which they, in concert, attempted to build, was to serve as a monument of their common origin, oali Mkha Mal^ and Ibtwra ftaio; to ha the central H|Mit, a WHid which they might settle, tbe capital of the new world, and be a l Minugh having words in common, yet would differ w far as to cause a misunderstand i ng amongst them, af ida Mk aa n e Mrapand Mt oanlbiia B of' words.

IIow tha w twa, eoold the tower of Uabel be intended ax a si^al to prevent themselves and their tlocks from wan- dering in the plain of Slunar ?

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1 aak again, how cauit; tiicae few to retain thrire Mltet San and hnow Wfik abiea they were placed in circumstances exactly sim- ilar to a U tha i«t of annkind than Ur Jiif? il the iurnut- ae^ueucw of Um itiifwrri BUi S« Ar from tki% 4Ua Tiaa aoo Mton, and bacune the ttnekm of Onecp and Rom«. Mi the SUM «f awfpt M Aaao Hint t» TTirc anrl ri\ ilirritifin.

Secoodly, where is |garfen rontained in the plain of Shinar five hundred and thirty-one yean after the deluge, MM M Oat an Aodd hvn haen ; Cpt If the plain oaold a«k wstain the Tiftmhern. if Noah Ikimself was a husbandman, many of Uf iiiiw Ii Bli al tlaft m Ay perlai must kmm boon oo too.

Sect, I— Cultivation of the Supplement by the Editor, . Pn Klufe of the Vines in Italy in Columella's time, . for the Mosaic tvc rlae« not mention a dngle word re- Upatiinii; their occwpotioa.

It if a &ct known to few finglisb reiden of Ro Uuiy that the onginal edition of his Amaent History^ and all the tabseqnent French edi- tion% down to that edited by M. Thrscauthnm, hnwcver, him, tho Kgnrptians had npither literature nor at&rm tkc tbrmcr, auii deny the latter ; thereiorc science till the day* of Solomon and hit sur- t UDKe Msaray becnmamvafaa.

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By adopting a cc Mn- prehensive^ and, at the same time^ beantifiil plan of typq|pniphy« cha Pnblisbers of tibe present edition have been enabled, notwithslanding a great mass of additional matter, to comprise the whole iu One Volume, uniform with their edition of the * Ancient History,' but published separately, for the purpose of furnishing those who Bwy possess other editions of Rollin with an aoononueal and rttdy cfppa^ tunity of completing their copies. We find that in all times, it has been the most grateful amusement of princes and the most Without inimihailnc tho Ih. Two of Caiu'a early deacendants, Jubal and Tob^J-Cain, Ia- wotadtfi* ]iup«ikl«tfui» aat IMM wtfio M In hnu8 and iron, wh Oat Jalml was the fatiur of nnch M dwelt in tents.

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