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"It's an extraordinary book, offering advice to women of all classes on a wide range of subjects," he said.

"You could call it the Cosmopolitan of its day." Scroll down for more And a few chat-up tips from a 17th century lads' mag These days, complimenting a woman on her decolletage is a surefire way to end up before a sexual harassment tribunal.

And, in a section that some modern celebrities could take to heart, the manual cautions readers against starving themselves.

"Bodies that are very Lean and Scragged, we must own, cannot be very Comely: It is a contrary Extream to Corpulency and the Parties Face always seems to carry Lent in it."The Ladies' Dictionary is the work of an author identified only as HN.

Scroll down for more On the subject of general weight loss, the manual does advise some gentle exercise.

But to shed pounds quickly, bathing in claret wine infused with "wormwood, calamint, chamomile, sage and squinath" is apparently best.

They were told to brew up a foul mixture of chicken and goose grease, pine, rosin, pitch and turpentine in an earthenware pot.

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Other suggestions include: "Her breasts are the soft Pillows of love" and "Her breasts are two Ivory balls of listing pleasure".

Described as the Cosmopolitan magazine of its day, its pages include pointers on dating, make-up, diet and expanding the mind.

A large portion of the text, however, is devoted to that age-old concern - wobbly bits.

At the time of its publication, fashionable women would wear floorlength dresses usually cut low enough to show a glimpse of cleavage, with their waists and busts exaggerated by tightly-strapped bodices.

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Hair would be worn up, usually with a powdered wig or hairpiece to give extra height, and fans, embroidered handkerchiefs and pearl necklaces were essential accessories.And just for entertainment, Gough includes a ditty on a woman's intimate parts: "Her maiden womb, the dwelling house of pleasure.

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