Sap infostructure not updating

28-Sep-2017 03:52

Nyima-Gon's kingdom had its centre well to the east of present-day Ladakh.

Traditional Tibetan history preserves a lengthy list of rulers whose exploits become subject to external verification in the Chinese histories by the 7th century.

For delta update : In R/3 side – MC25, set update (V1) or (V2) or (V3) – LBW0, choose generate updating and execute then choose activate / deactivate and execute BW side - create infopackage and schedule the package with delta update.

First time if your scheduling the infopackage -in R/3 side : MC25 -Udating set to No update,insted of selecting the update V1, V2, V3.

Date catalog Select characteristic catalog and enter, click on characteristic select the source table and it will be display the relevant source field and select the source field, copy close, copy. Select the radio button-Generate data source and Execute.

Posting period Updating –1)No updating,2)Synchronous updating (V1), 3)As synchronous updating (V2), 4)As synchronous updating (V3), – LBW0 - Connection of LIS Information structures to SAPBW Information structure : S786 Select the radio button-Setup LIS environment and Execute.

Thereafter Drigum Tsenpo and subsequent kings left corpses and the Bön conducted funerary rites.

Hi Dear Experts, we have a customized LIS info structure report which is using in production system currently, Business requested new customised field in the report so we have added the new field in MC19/MC22/MC25 and tested MCSI report in development system it is working as expected, but when moved changes to the quality system and we observed, values are not updating in infostructure table while the transaction is created, we observed system-generated program RMCX0023is not regenerated with the new customised filed, this is program is not equal with development, could you please help us to how to regenerate LIS program RMCX0023.

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Could you please help me, how do we update PRCTR and KOSTL fields in New general ledger tables & also tell me what are the impacts, if direct table updation.If your doing the Delta update:in R/3 side : MC25-Updating set to either V1 or V2 or V3. Deltas for LIS: After setting up the LIS environment, 2 transparent tables and 1 extract structure is generated for this particular info structure.