Reviews on zoosk online dating sites

03-Jul-2017 23:35

I had very little luck and the other apps just couldn't provide good matches.

I was on Zoosk less than a month and I had more compatible matches and real conversations than I could have hoped for.

I then told him I knew what he was and reported him to Zoosk, they didn't care Zoosk is a large online dating site that features a Facebook app and attempts to integrate social networking with dating.

Zoosk is a private company based in San Francisco, CA and has raised more than million from investors.

If you've been shopping for an online dating service, you've probably seen a lot of Zoosk ads.

I'm happy about the chance we have to quit searching! Give her a chance she will not be from your past..if you feel that she is..may need to go back home to her to heel before you seek. I'm deleting my account and seeing what happens..For instance, once you decide not to renew your profile, they keep your profile up anway [instead of taking it down] and they use it sending out mechanical greetings attached to your profile to unsuspecting members.In other words, don't be expecting anyone to even write back.Zoosk IS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zoosk is deceptive and playing games with your emotions!

Most of the profiles in Zoosk aren't even current, so what you are seeing are basically phantom profiles.Wasn't sure about online dating have done it in the past and it was bad but you have save services.