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25-Oct-2017 22:19

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An article in The Guardian suggests privatisation of the probation service was done in haste, underfunded and is failing.

The probation service in London is understaffed and many probation officers are inexperienced.

In 1907 this supervision was given a statutory basis which allowed courts to appoint and employ probation officers.

The service, at the start of 2004, had some 18,000 staff.

He said: “One of our key lines of inquiry is working to establish if the person or people involved were known to Noel, and if Marie somehow disturbed them.

“We believe that at least one person, and maybe two, were going back and forth to the location over the course of the three days from the Thursday to Sunday evening, and that they were possibly even present just hours before police arrived in the early hours of the Monday morning.” Mr Harding played down earlier speculation that Mr Brown may have been murdered over a big win at a bookies, saying he had made a “matter of pennies” when he was pictured leaving a betting shop on 30 November.

It comprises 42 probation areas which are coterminous with police force area boundaries, served by 35 probation trusts.

The Offender Management Bill, introduced in Parliament late in 2006, was intended to enable probation areas to become trusts as part of wider government policy to open up the provision of correctional services to greater competition from the voluntary, community, and private sectors.

The work of probation trusts is scrutinised by NOMS, which reports independently to UK government ministers; and by HM Inspectorate of Probation.