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Macario (Ignacio López Tarso) is a very poor indigenous lumberjack during the Colonial Mexico, whose only dream in life is to be able to eat a roasted turkey all by himself, as he always has had to give up his meals so the rest of his big family can eat.

On the eve of Mexican "Day of the Dead" celebration, his wife (Pina Pellicer) steals a turkey and hides it from her kids, as she is decided to make Macario's dream come true.

Without a doubt I realized how central love is to our lives.

The ancient Andean people could not let go of their departed ancestors, they loved them too much to ever forget them, and therefore, they kept their mummified bodies nearby.

Modern-day women search for a soul mate; they also want to experience an all-encompassing and eternal love.

Perhaps one of the most amazing figures in modern literature is that of the enigmatic author B.

Their observations of the ancient Andean practices were both alarming and informative.

In Missing in Machu Picchu, I included the 17th century drawings of chronicler Guamán Poma de Ayala.

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The film as a whole walks the line between a sense of realism (reflected in the relationships between social classes) and one of full surrealist fantasy, which could make the film to be somewhat related to the magical realism.The following morning she gives Macario the turkey for lunch, and the happy lumberjack rushes to the forest to eat it.