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If that’s the case, then they’ve played too light a hand because that caveat is definitely coming across.

Or perhaps it’s that they’ve already so vastly reinvented characters this season that any subtle story-telling is lumped under more of the same shenanigans. He fondles an ornate silver key on a chain and not in a good way.

Doctor Lauren uncomfortably calls after her that she left a cup by the sink for Bo when she’s finished. “For my – science,” Doctor Lauren adds because she just can’t shut up about it. Bo’s wearing an aubergine top so dark it almost looks black and it is ? “Hmm Smorgasbord,” Bo hums to Not Kenzi in a totally not creepy way (I lied.

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Despite Not Kenzi expressly saying she wanted to investigate with Bo, Doctor Lauren immediately says that “we” should look into it right away. When Bo hesitates, the doc offers that she and Not Kenzi can get started and they’ll catch up with Bo after; but Bo can’t be bothered to wait for her to finish before she scampers back upstairs to continue feeding. Not Kenzi gives her A Look and smiles not with mirth. Doctor Lauren hurries in from collecting samples in the kitchen to break up the fight, but before she can fail, Bo miraculously hurries into the house to split them up, startling Not Kenzi back into her role. She asks if there was anything particular that Lover and Graham did together and she helpfully brings up a club they liked to attend together and were in fact at last night before he left her. Beautiful barely dressed people mill around and blatantly check out the new arrivals while exotic Indian music plays.She asks if Wife called the police and Kenzi informs them that before Wife could do so, the so-called “authorities” showed up and Molly-Maided the mess away.” She adds they took his suitcase and phone and said they’d been in touch after their investigation. Not Kenzi empathizes and when Wife asks after the name of their “show” again she replies Paranormal Hot-Vestigators” Heh.