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02-Sep-2017 19:47

The Japanese are accustomed to getting television for free. Still, as Netflix hurtles toward truly global TV, it could upend the world's expectations of entertainment. In a decade or two, Netflix’s library may appear to be more international than US-centric.”Gunnarsson says such a reality may lie “in the very long term.” But it doesn’t seem outlandish.

For now, television trends around the world remain largely dictated by Western norms.

As a truly international platform, Netflix has a distinct advantage over any network limited by national boundaries.

It has immense reach, immense recognition, and, most importantly, immense infrastructure.

“There is no script,” the show’s description promises.

Growing up in the Philippines, my friends and I watched Koreanovelas and Taiwanese dramas on local networks, the audio meticulously dubbed in Tagalog, perfectly synced to the actors's speech.We would wait up for them, record them, binge on them, and pass them around so others could watch them too.If Netflix can foster similarly obsessive behavior in its current user base, well, that's very good for Netflix.Welcome to the future of global television, which isn't about exporting Hollywood to the world.

Clearly, when TV is truly global, the world will come to you.The extra work is justified by the potentially huge payoff.