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“Molly was surprised that he ended it with her – and by phone – but she was starting to realize he’s not right for her. I mean, what do we really know about Aaron Eckhart? I’m not calling him Elton John or anything, but this whole “I will never tell anyone anything about anything in my life, ever” stuff reeks of “I’ve got some big secrets.” And for goodness sake, it’s not like Molly Sims is the kind of girl anyone would be ashamed of!

“Aaron flipped out,” says a source, “He’s an incredibly private guy.” Still, the sudden breakup might be a blessing in disguise for Molly, who had been growing disenchanted with Eckhart. And personally, I don’t know if anyone else has this, but he sort of beeps on my gaydar.

She is also serving as a Global Ambassador for Population Services International's Five & Alive program and also in Operation Smile. She has a child with her husband and is expecting one.

She loves her husband and child very much and loves to spend her time with them.

In 1994, he graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in film.

For much of the mid-1990s, he lived in New York City as a struggling, unemployed actor.

When she asked about their relationship during an interview about their break up, it was because he did not like sharing to the media when it comes to his personal life.One the most handsome man in Hollywood including being quite the ladies’ man, Aaron Eckhart is the actor making it large on the big screen.For most of many titled movies that have gone worldwide with his acting skills contributing in films such as The Dark Knight and Olympus has Fallen which were a great help in his career though already being a movie star making more movies just made him more recognized.The two were dating for two years and later in 2011 they got engaged followed by their marriage in the same year after few months.

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They are living happily and have a child together and is expecting another one. I’ve read some interviews with her where she seems cool, but she just kind of seems “meh”.