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The Forces of Evil, Hotel Transylvania, Fullmetal Alchemist, Yowamushi Pedal/弱虫ペダル, Jungle Book, Sing, 2016, Eyeshield 21, Samurai Jack, Cars, Finding Nemo, Milo Murphy's Law, and Total Drama series.-Pros of Being Disney Guardians Anyone remember this? Will be finished in about three or four chapters.-Despicable Wedding Sequel to . Interests: Pretty much just watching cartoons and anime.

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An exploration of different relationships, centered on the simple act of reaching. "Hiccup had always known, logically speaking, that his relationship with the people of Berk was different now."]Buster thinks that camping trips are always fun, the adventure, getting back to nature and in touch with their roots, so whilst the theatre is being rebuilt, what better way for the cast to bond? He needs help but doesn't want to tell in fear for them kicking him off. Chapter 11: As part of his plan to ensure that Edward eats healthier, Roy teaches Edward how to shop. When Hermione falls through a magic mirror and travels to 18th century France, she faces an unwanted proposal, an angry beast, and a confusing curse.

Between Dipper's cunning and Mabel's charisma, they've come to dominate their foster home and middle school - until one day, their great-uncle shows up and takes them under his wing. A series of one shots that are posted on my Tumblr account or that I come up with in various situations. All Remy really wanted was another roommate to help out with the rent, when *she* phased in through the door... Rotting away in his own dungeon, Mad Ben has had plenty of time to reflect on how it all went so wrong.

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