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"He'll never hold any office again, not if I can help it! Elmer forced himself into the managership in Junior year by threatening not to play football if he were not elected. They'll vote against you." "Let me catch 'em at it! Honest, Elm--Hell-cat--I'm just speaking for your own good. Elmer was elected president of the senior class--unanimously. He reasoned that men who seemed chilly to him were envious and afraid, and that gave him a feeling of greatness.

" muttered one Eddie Fislinger, who, though he was a meager and rusty-haired youth with protruding teeth and an uneasy titter, had attained power in the class by always being present at everything, and by the piety and impressive intimacy of his prayers in the Y. He appointed Jim Lefferts chairman of the ticket committee, and between them, by only the very slightest doctoring of the books, they turned forty dollars to the best of all possible uses. " observed a Judas who three minutes before had been wrestling with God under Eddie's coaching. Thus it happened that he had no friend save Jim Lefferts.

The ardent Eddie Fislinger, now president of the Y. Jim was selfish enough, but it was with the selfishness of a man who thinks and who is coldly unafraid of any destination to which his thoughts may lead him.

The little man treated Elmer like a large damp dog, and Elmer licked his shoes and followed.

It was lamentable to see this broad young man, who would have been so happy in the prize-ring, the fish-market, or the stock exchange, poking through the cobwebbed corridors of Terwillinger.

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In this museum, Jim had a surprising and vigorous youthfulness.Jim Lefferts was Elmer's only friend; the only authentic friend he had ever had.

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