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21-Jun-2017 06:10

My presentence report and current probation service reports all show that I have shown remorse for my conviction and an understanding of my behaviour.

There was never any suggestion or evidence (nor would there be) that I had ever contacted children online or attempted to abuse or conduct contact offences or promote or distribute Images.

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I was arrested last year for possession of indecent images and bailed.

CS will want to ensure she is as educated as possible as to how sexual abuse works so that she is in the best position possible to protect them, and so she will be asked to attend courses and possibly counselling.

Ultimately they will want to hear her say she understands the risk you pose and that she will always put the children first.

I was eventually charged and prosecuted in November after being on bail for 8 months.

I received a suspended prison sentence, supervison (probation meetings) for 18 months, community service and a SOPO allowing police officers to check my internet history on request. On the night of the sentence CS came to both my wife's and my current address to get us to sign an interim order that restricts me seeing my daughter at all outside of 2 hours a week supervised by CS whilst they carry out assessments.

At the moment CS are dragging everything out having multiple meetings for both child protection and PLO where the exact same information is laboriously repeated.